01. The movie was absolutely [fabulous]; gorgeous scenery, a wonderful story, and beautiful music.
02. Going to Mexico for our holidays was a [fabulous] idea; we all had a great time.
03. The children have done a [fabulous] job of cleaning up the playroom.
04. We saw a [fabulous] concert by Bob Dylan in which he played for over 3 hours solid.
05. My company is sending me to do some business in France, and my wife and I decided it was a [fabulous] chance to take some time off afterwards to visit Paris.
06. We had a [fabulous] time at our high school reunion and saw lots of old friends.
07. Buy a ticket today for over 20 chances at winning [fabulous] prizes, including a new car, and a trip to Las Vegas.
08. He got around 3 opposing players, and scored a [fabulous] goal to win the game.
09. The beaches were [fabulous]; nothing but miles of fine, white sand, and practically no other people.
10. He is a [fabulously] wealthy businessman, and lives in a huge mansion right on the waterfront.
11. Movie director Billy Wilder once said, "I have never met anybody as mean as Marilyn Monroe or as utterly [fabulous] on the screen."
12. Jose Ortega y Gassett once stated that we live at a time when man believes himself [fabulously] capable of creation, but he does not know what to create.
13. We had a [fabulous] business trip to Thailand last year - the market seems quite ready for our new product line, and we made a number of important contacts.
14. The movie was [fabulous]! I want to see it again.
15. Her cooking was [fabulous], so everybody ate a lot.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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